Amps By Dan Lurie  •  By Appointment Only  •  South Burlington, Vermont, USA  •  Call or text: 802-310-5967  •
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FYD Amps & Tube Amp Repair

Repairs, service, and modifications to all tube powered gear:
  • Custom build amps and preamps.
  • Guitar amps
  • Bass amps
  • Preamps
  • Studio gear
  • Audiophile equipment
  • Tube radios
  • Something we’ve never seen
Some work can be done while you wait!

Fender - Marshall - Mesa Boogie - Crate - Peavey - Ampeg – Orange – Everything.
Desktop Studio Series from FYD Amps & Tube Amp Repair

Desktop Studio Series

Great tone out of a small package.

TRP Twin Reverb Preamp from FYD Amps & Tube Amp Repair

TRP Twin Reverb Preamp

Pull the preamp out of the vintage Twin Reverb and build it like Jerry had his built. Includes all tube spring Reverb, Reverb Dwell, Output Level and Ground Lift on back.

Town & Country from FYD Amps & Tube Amp Repair

Town & Country

Amp is designed for a steel type guitar. The power tubes are a pair of KT88's with a 6SN7 as a phase splitter. The preamp takes either a 6SL7 or a 6SN7. Very warm and full sound.

FYD Amps & Tube Amp Repair
South Burlington, VT, USA  •  By Appointment Only  •  Call or text: 802-310-5967  •

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