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Town & Country: 70 Watt Steel Guitar Amp - Cabbed or Desktop

Amp is designed for a steel type guitar. The power tubes are a pair of KT88's with a 6SN7 as a phase splitter. The preamp takes either a 6SL7 or a 6SN7. Very warm and full sound.

Controls - Volume, Treble, Mid Shift, Mid Level, Bass and Tweed.

The tweed toggles on and off. When off, it acts like a presence control that fine tunes the amp after the tone controls are set. When on, it bypasses the tone controls, adds more gain works like a simple tone control.

The power switch is a two stage progressive switch. Down is off, Middle position is standby and up is play mode.

The back of the amp can be configured in many ways. This amp has 3 different speaker output impedance's and a variable line out taken off the speaker output. The picture above shows two serial speaker jacks.

Updated version with a high and low input and now there is a switch for activating the Tweed control.

Sit back and watch the show. Click/tap (touch screen) to move the next photo instantly.

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  • Housed Front v1.0
  • Housed Front v2.0
  • Housed Rear v2.0
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